Our CEO's Message

Welcome to the ‘Jupiter Group of Polyclinics’, and thank you for taking the time to visit us on our website. We developed this site to provide a general introduction to our services and our physicians, to provide information about our clinics, policies and procedures and, to educate our community about the constantly changing world of medicine. We hope that the site serves as a tool to help find the right doctor and treatment for you.

Jupiter group of Polyclinics was started by me in….as an offshoot of its successful predecessor ‘Dr. Joseph’s group of Polyclinics’. In 2015, we completed ….years of providing quality and affordable medical care to our community. It goes without saying that our clinics are defined by our incredible team of doctors, affiliated insurance providers, staff and personnel who impact and improve the lives of our patients each and every day.

As the business of medicine has matured, we have worked hard to remain true to our core belief; to make our patients our first priority. Our administrative and operations team work closely with our doctors finding ways to constantly improve our approach to patient care. We invest in new innovative medical technology and document the blueprint of your healthcare in a comprehensive medical record to help you on your road to recovery and good health.

The past … years have been an incredibly rewarding journey. I am deeply grateful for your trust and look forward to continue our quest to be the best choice for healthcare for you and your family.


Dr.C.I.Joseph, MD
CEO of Jupiter group of polyclinics